Meet Our Team


Alan Cai

Alan is a Junior who is passionated about current events, international affairs, and politics. Outside of running The Common Forum, Alan writes for the school paper, participates in debate and Model UN, and runs the Politics/Polling Club. He also enjoys playing hockey and piano in his free time. 

Armaan Bhojwani
Webmaster, Treasurer, Writer

Armaan is a senior at Noble and Greenough. He joined the Common Forum because he saw a need for bipartisan political discussion without the pressure of a faculty driven staff. In his free time, Armaan sails competitively and plays with computers and open source software.

Claire Mao
Managing Editor

Claire is a senior at Noble and Greenough School in Dedham. She enjoys playing flute and piano, and running cross country. In addition, she enjoys volunteering as a tutor for IFSI (Immigrant Family Services Institute) and a befriender for Samaritans. Claire is particularly interested in learning about injustices faced by the Asian American community

Ethan Anderson
Communications Manager
Ethan is a Japanese American student interested in working with others to promote social equity, especially among immigrants. He is also a youth board member and volunteer for the ILC (Immigrant Learning Center). In his free time, he enjoys building models, backpacking, and caring for his chickens.


Emily Bao
Artistic Designer
Emily is a sophomore at Noble and Greenough School. In her free time, she plays tennis, draws, and sings. She is interested in educating herself and others about how local and global politics directly affect the student population.
Helen Cui
Artistic Designer
Helen is a sophomore at Noble and Greenough school. She has a passion for writing about politics along with painting and illustrating. Helen has won three Gold Keys from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in painting specifically. In her free time she indulges in her alternative music superiority complex and consumes Japanese media.
Meghan Hoffman
Artistic Designer
Hi my name is Meghan Hoffman and I am a student at Noble and Greenough School. I love drawing and creating art, as well as playing soccer, alpine skiing, and playing lacrosse.
Marián Palacios Fernanández
Artistic Designer
Marián is a senior from Mexico who's interested in politics and arts. She loves to find ways to combine those two together through caricatures and satire. She is also passionate about sustainability, debates, learning new languages and tutoring kids in the afternoons
Norah Jankey
Artistic Designer
Norah Jankey is a junior at the Noble and Greenough School in Dddham, Massachusetts, where she is a member of the cross country and rowing teams. Aside from athletics, she practices a variety of arts, including drawing, Painting, mixed media, and ceramics. At home, she loves to hang out with her dachshund, Agnes.
Dorothy Zhang
Artistic Designer
Dorothy is a sophomore at Nobles. In her free time, she likes to draw, play violin, watch other people draw, or watch other people play violin. She is interested in everything related to human rights. A super fun fact about her is that maybe she will become the President of the United States.
Isabella Rocha
Copy Editor
Isabella is a senior at Somerset Berkley Regional High School. She has been actively involved in politics since 2019, and spent her summer working on the Ed Markey campaign. In her free time, she volunteers with the Southeastern Massachusetts Mutual Aid Project and is the co-hub coordinator of Sunrise Somerset Berkley
María Fátima Martinez
María Fátima is a junior at San Silvestre School and passionate about inclusion and politics. In her free time she is heavily involved in musical activities as well as debate, and table tennis. María Fátima also aspires to help create laws regarding international arms usage and corruption in her future.
Tulasi Vithiananthan
Layout Editor, Writer

Tulasi is passionate about social justice as well as visual and performing arts. Tulasi joined the common forum to elevate minority voices, whether it is about race, immigration, or gender. In addition, she hopes to contribute to the common forum through her creativity in her roles as layout editor and writer.

Jacob Casper
Editor, Writer
Jacob is a junior at the Noble and Greenough School, in Dedham, MA. At school, he is a member of the debate team and the ethics club, and greatly enjoys political discourse. He spends his free time running Cross Country, acting in the school musical, and running a Dungeons and Dragons group for his friends.
Colin Levine
Editor’s Apprentice
Colin is a Freshman and lives in Needham, MA. Colin is passionate about politics, language, and philosophy, and particularly enjoys partaking in Model UN and debate. He aspires to work in the state department and spring from there to represent PA-17. In Colin’s free time, he loves to study languages, history, and to make collages of odd Ry Burgundy facetime expressions
Nicholas Rodriguez

Nick is an American High School Senior at Nobles in Dedham, Massachusetts. He is a member of the Ethics Club, and runs the Space Club. In his free time he likes to run, and read Science Fiction. Nick also is passionate about history, which he feels enables him to see different points of view on a subject and better connect to people. He aspires to eventually go into business after school.

Aileen Feliz

Aileen is a is a Dominican-American junior in High School who plans on studying to become a lawyer. As a first and second-generation American, she is passionate about immigration policies and socio-economic equity. Across the board, she wants justice for everybody. Some of her favorite pastimes include watching Netflix and hanging out with her cousins. Aileen is interested in learning how to become a better ally and activist.

Angie Feng

Angie Feng is a freshman at Noble and Greenough School where she is a part of the cross country, squash, and crew teams. She also enjoys playing the piano and French horn and is especially interested in the positive and negative impacts of advanced technology systems on the democracy of America.

Ashley Wang

Ashley is a freshman and likes to bake for friends and family and play with her pets. She is a volunteer for IFSI (Immigrant Family Services Institute). Ashley is interested in helping to bring politics to everyday conversations.

Leila Rodriguez

Leila Rodriguez is a Puerto Rican - American student. She joined TCF to contribute stories surrounding social justice, equality and current events. She is looking forward to sparking discussions about sensitive and controversial issues in our society. Leila is passionate about dance, gymnastics, photography, activism and community service!

Tope Adetunji

Tope Adetunji is a Junior and was born in Nigeria and is an immigrant to the United States. She also has dual citizenship of both the United States and Nigeria. She is passionate about social justice, socio-economic equity, and activism. She hopes to promote safe environments for people, especially youth, to engage in difficult conversations about societal matters. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball, binging tv shows, and hanging out with friends.

Akshat Kumar

Akshat is a freshman from Bahrain who loves talking about human rights, democracy and all things politics. He writes for TCF in order to bring into the limelight issues and events that are overlooked and to celebrate the things that makes democracy the way it is. He loves playing tennis, writing short stories and poetry, and volunteers with organizations in order to make education more accessible. He is excited about articulating his thoughts and learning more about social affairs at TCF.

John Henry Lotz-McMillen
John Henry is a junior who like chess and running xc, playing jazz and classical on the piano, as well as singing. When possible, he takes up photography. He enjoys learning about stem in particular. He's interested in mental health in America, enjoy researching and writing about politics and social issues.


Katie Cheung
Katie Cheung is a sophomore and loves to explore her interests in politics, human rights, social sciences, and international relations through Model UN conferences and Mock Trials! In her free time she enjoys running track as well as playing soccer and the violin. At TCF, she is thrilled to be writing about topics which range from issues regarding race, civil  rights, gender, and more.
Isabela Fitzgerald
Isabela is a Brazilian-American student in her junior year who is interested in dissecting the psychological aspects of politics. Despite being proficient in four languages, she struggles with verbalizing basic English. Among other things, Isabela enjoys absurd stories, painting, “playing” the trumpet, and having philosophical debates at unholy hours.
Kate Wei
Kate is a freshman at Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, MA. In her free time, she enjoys singing, playing piano, open water swimming, and bingeing random Netflix shows with her friends. At TCF, she is excited to write about a wide range of political and social topics as well as to read the work of others and learn about differing perspectives.